Many dynamic locations. One vital objective.

Merck Careers
in Environmental, Health and Safety


and the environment.

At Merck, that’s the mission of our Environmental, Health and Safety teams which are based at numerous locations across the United States. And your contributions can make all the difference in this quest for excellence.

Only the highest standards of safety and quality will do when you manufacture and distribute medicines, vaccines and biological products for use on a worldwide scale. We achieve these goals through our global systems, which ensure consistency and exceed the compliance criteria of EHS Standards.

Do you specialize in:
  • Process Safety or Support?
  • Industrial Hygiene?
  • Single-Use Bioreactor (Sub) Technology?
  • Radiation, Air, Waste Water or one of many other related roles?
Are you determined to do work that truly helps others?

Live your passion with Environmental, Health & Safety at Merck.

Continual education and training, the highest supplier standards, a global adverse-event reporting database and strict safety-monitoring processes and procedures are but a few of the additional measures we have in place to ensure that our end-users—patients around the world—are receiving solutions that are as safe and effective as possible.

Of course, our efforts extend well beyond the walls of our sites and into the broader world we serve. Environmental, Health and Safety is taking steps to reduce energy and water demand as well as greenhouse gas emissions from Merck Manufacturing Division facilities. And we support science-based actions to address climate change, an issue that affects our longstanding efforts to make medicines and vaccines more accessible to the underserved.

What’s It Like to Be an EHS Hero?

Making sure that patients and creatures around the world receive medicines and vaccines that are as safe, effective and cost-efficient as possible. Streamlining our plants with innovative systems and ideas that could ultimately save countless lives. Ensuring that Merck Manufacturing locations are doing their part to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment. And leading the charge in the fight against global climate change. These are some of the things our team members do each day at Environmental, Health and Safety locations from coast to coast. Click on the link below, and see how you can use your power for the good of humanity.

About Our Many Locations

You can really go places with Environmental, Health and Safety at Merck.

At state-of-the-art sites throughout the country, we employ EHS teams that are diverse in every sense of the word. Each carefully chosen location features well-trained, friendly, motivated employees; safe, modern equipment and technology; real advancement potential; supportive leadership; and geographic settings for just about every type of lifestyle imaginable.

Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll through a small village, mid-metro suburban sprawl or access to big-city culture and all the nightlife that comes with it, there’s an EHS location that’s just right for you. From New Jersey to California, we are striving to sustain our long history of excellence, as well as the well-being of the planet we all call home.

Hover over these map locations of the attractive towns, villages and cities where we are proud to live and work:

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